DachRolls Kennel

Smooth Standard Dachshunds

Since 2012

Angel X Jaeger   



Angel has always been an over achiever and proved it with her first litter!! She gave us 10 beautiful babies to grace our kennel! Four red females, four red males, and two black and tan males.  Jelly Bean stayed with us and started her show career at 6 months!  Ruger is in Virginia and started his show career as well.  Tuck is also in Virginia and will hopefully be starting his show career in the near future. Tilley, Libbey, and Harley are together in a great pet home in Pennsylvania.  Pixie is in a wonderful pet home in PA as well.  Kosar and Gilley have an awesome Ohio home and Winston is in a resort home in Texas with Heidi!

Jelly Bean
CH DachRolls Jaeger's Favorite Jelly Bean SS, RATN

Ruger ~ Virginia
GCH DachRolls Blaze of Glory

Tuck ~ Virginia
DachRolls Friar Tuck Mama's Angel

Winston ~ Texas

Gilly & Kosar ~ Ohio

Tilley, Libbey & Harley ~ Pennsylvania

Pixie ~ Pennsylvania