DachRolls Kennel

Smooth Standard Dachshunds

Since 2012

Cinnamon X Jaeger   



Cinnamon was taken in for a C-section with this litter but unfortuantely passed away from complications.  These two little girls were fighters from the start. While we were dealing with the loss of Cinnamon and trying to keep the girls going, several hours away there was a beautiful German Shepherd named Genie who delivered a single pup who did not survive. Fate intervened and brought these two families together. Genie accepted our girls as her own and gave them the start in life they deserved.  Genie and Emily will forever be a part of the DachRolls Family.

Missy Jane 
CH DachRolls Joanne's Cinnamon Kiss SS, RATN

Hilde ~ Illinois
DachRolls Hildegarde Anneliese Beck